capax infiniti

they synthesize as one

a synastry of symbols

prophetic emblems on display –

and at play :

         fate is the wild card here.

 and so it goes,

 skulls and swords wavering in smoke.

the players arise,

drawn one by one

ending in to following four:

Le Pendu

Le Chariot

La Roue de Fortune


these fixed faces of flippant form


to the precipice

with primordial steps.

*the ceremony commences*

Hegemony of the Arcanes!

{Ignotum per ignotius}

Heretics – Actors of the cult that storm the temperance of Antiquity;

Hermetics – streams of Astronomy and Alchemical;

Habitus – Architects of the future, pyramidal framework of the Enoch.

{It is all there.}

ending as soon as it begins.

time slips through

prescient passageways

they steal away

scores of scenes, mandalas in form

a constellations of stars

in unison



their silent order preserved plenary

characters carried through centuries of Prophetic Chant.

By Quincy Childs


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