Noctilucent vault


malady of the mind

a darkness that gloats

[mens sana]

unfurling in Nacreous powder

ascending gifts

are only lost, wrung asunder

Cimmerian shades –

into you I dissipate

fibrous, stark like a mare’s tail,

vexing upward in spite,

severing the Undulatus bodies

 their waves set

dancing motions to the heavens,

like a swirling iris

through filaments –

the perpetual eye of my storm.

the lowly dusk,

the billowing Castellanus of Fate;

His vault is an image of withdrawn grace.

[why hath thou forsaken]

overcast resonance

of Nimbostratus form,

struck by the diurnal course

of Martian tides, amidst the

dearth of Elysium tempest,

a capricious gust.

Noctilucent vault, my being : naught,

null in the lull of the sky

malady of the mind, I am

a forecast that is always


By Quincy Childs

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.20.37 PM

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