Tour de l’Horloge du Palais de la Cité


Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.25.17 PM

This clock has always blown my mind. It’s the oldest clock in Paris (1370) and is rich in both symbolism and masterful technique. The needles are in copper repoussé and bronze – the great spearhead for the minutes, the other sprouting of Fleur-de-lis and finished by a Crescent for hours -evolve on Roman numerals embossed on the stone. The dial is surrounded by two allegorical figures representing Law and Justice from left to right. Finally, under the small roof that houses the dial are inscribed with the interlaced initials: those ‘H’ and ‘C’ for Henri II and Catherine de Medici, and ‘H’ and ‘M’ for Henri IV and Marguerite de Valois (Queen Margot).

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