La Pavillon de l’Aurore in Château de Sceaux, France



La Pavillon de l’Aurore in Château de Sceaux, France by Charles Le Brun. L’Aurore sur son char chassant la Nuit, œuvre réalisée vers 1673


Glossary of Figures and Symbols

  1. Aurora (“Dawn”) on her chariot pulled by two horses. Embodies the coming of the day, the return of light and the opening gates of heaven to the sun.
  2. Chariot of Dawn’s two bay horses
  3. Cupid, losing his arrows, and leads the chariot of Aurora to Tithonus (Tithonus was one of Aurora’s lovers who lived forever in old age.)
  4. Two cherubs throwing flowers and pulling the chariot of Aurora towards Céphalus (Hero-figure who kills (evaporates) Procris (Dew) with his unerring ray or ‘javelin.’ Cephalus was one of Aurora’s lovers.
  5. White horses of the chariot of the Sun
  6. Hours of the Day, they accompany Aurora
  7. One of the Hours with the tray of ambrosia
  8. Palace of the Sun
  9. The point of the day (= Luicfer who pored light)
  10. Procris (“Dew”) and her watering can
  11. Flora (Spring)
  12. Zephyr – the god of wind
  13. “Morning Time” (winged figure) with his trumpet, his hammer, his bell and his rooster
  14. The winds
  15. “Life” with its flowers, fruits, its animals (lions, bears, wolves, fox, weasel) and birds (vulture, eagle, ostrich)
  16. Bacchus or “Autumn”
  17. Silenus {Greek: Σειληνός Seilēnos} A companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus. He is typically older than the satyrs of the Dionysian retinue thiasos
  18. Donkey of Silenus
  19. Satyr
  20. Castor rising
  21. Pollux descending
  22. “Night” and its sail full of nightmares, of dreams, of monsters, of owls
  23. “Sleep” (= Morpheus / Nivelon)
  24. Winter
  25. Tithonus – Aurora’s lover; see above
  26. Discreet love
  27. Cupid throwing poppies
  28. Diana
  29. The does of Diana’s chariot
  30. “Hours of the Night”


  1. Aries
  2. Taurus

20-21. Gemini (Castor and Pollux)

  1. Cancer
  2. Leo
  3. Virgo (Érigone = Summer )
  4. Libra
  5. Scorpio
  6. Sagittarius
  7. Capricorn
  8. Aquarius
  9. Pisces

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