Frederik the Great’s Neue Palais in Potsdam


After Prussia’s unprecedented victory in the Seven Years War, Frederik the Great wanted to attribute the construction of Neue Palais as a ‘fanfaronade’ to his kingdom’s legacy. In order to illustrate the strength and cultural enlightenment of Frederik’s reign through architecture, the palace is a vast, ornate, 18th-century splendor built from marble, stone and gilt. Inside are lavish, rococo interiors, hung with numerous paintings. In fact there is an exquisite painting gallery comprised solely of works Frederik collected over his lifetime as an itinerant patronage of culture. Pictured here is the palace’s stunning curved colonnade, decorated with statuary and obelisks. It acted as a state entrance and as a screen to shield the view of the marshlands beyond.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.57.36 PM

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