Quincy Childs is an Art and Architecture History major who divides her time between the studios and open-air museums of Paris and New York. An incurable walker and chronicler of all she sees, Quincy strives to translate the fruits of her curiosity through palpable prose. Her poetic intrigues include the use of reflection, allegory, mnemonics, cadence and the timing of a phrase; she is particularly impassioned when she can combine multiple art forms into her poetry through performing ekphrasis on visual art and music. She finds ekphrasis as an oneiric way to enter an artwork, both fantastical and hauntingly vivid, under the direction of a cryptic yet delectable vernacular of semiology.

Beyond her poetry, her other interests range from History of Art and Architecture, Anthropology, Theory, and Historiography. Her favorite artistic movements include the Hellenistic periods and Pausanias’ writings, early Italian Renaissance and 19th Century Symbolism, Rubens and 17th Century Flemish Baroque art, and 19th Century philosophy, literature, art criticism, and theory.

WordPress contact email: qchilds@me.com

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